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I can highly recommend Clutter Roundup. Adonna helped me become more organized and productive.

She originally came to my office to organize my big desk that I could never see because of all the clutter. I had piles of paper and always seemed to be going through them. Sometimes I knew where things were, but most of the time I was frustrated because I just could not get it together and felt overwhelmed and inefficient. I had purchased several books on organizing and feng shui. It seemed like I couldn’t get a handle on this even though I am a professional business person with many years of experience. I knew I needed professional help. I was so thankful when Adonna joined my business networking group.

Initially, I scheduled Clutter Roundup to arrive at my home office when my husband had planned to be away. I knew he would think it was extravagant and unnecessary. His solution was to just throw all this stuff away. Unfortunately his schedule changed and he was there when she arrived. After the first visit, my husband was shocked. As she was leaving, he called out “Does she do garages, too?”

First she helped me organize my work space and then as we completed that task, she helped with action items. For example, I always wanted to have a newsletter for my clients and potential customers but never had the time or patience to complete it. Adonna made this possible for me by helping create a template and a newsletter. I am excited about the possibilities.

I can now have my overhead fan running because in the past papers would fly off my desk every time I turned it on. Thanks to Clutter Roundup, I have a new outlook!

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