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Creating calm out of chaos!

We love what we do.

We love being able to assist our clients in organization. We love how they feel at the end of the project. And, we love that they appreciate our services. Here are a few client comments.

I can highly recommend Clutter Roundup. Adonna helped me become more organized and productive.

She originally came to my office to organize my big desk that I could never see because of all the clutter. I had piles of paper and always seemed to be going through them. Sometimes I knew where things were, but most of the time I was frustrated because I just could not get it together and felt overwhelmed and inefficient. I had purchased several books on organizing and feng shui. It seemed like I couldn’t get a handle on this even though I am a professional business person with many years of experience. I knew I needed professional help. I was so thankful when Adonna joined my business networking group.

Initially, I scheduled Clutter Roundup to arrive at my home office when my husband had planned to be away. I knew he would think it was extravagant and unnecessary. His solution was to just throw all this stuff away. Unfortunately his schedule changed and he was there when she arrived. After the first visit, my husband was shocked. As she was leaving, he called out “Does she do garages, too?”

First she helped me organize my work space and then as we completed that task, she helped with action items. For example, I always wanted to have a newsletter for my clients and potential customers but never had the time or patience to complete it. Adonna made this possible for me by helping create a template and a newsletter. I am excited about the possibilities.

I can now have my overhead fan running because in the past papers would fly off my desk every time I turned it on. Thanks to Clutter Roundup, I have a new outlook!

I expected things to get organized and maybe… just maybe I could keep it that way, but the big “AH HA” moment was like a breath of fresh air, the sense of lightness and freedom from all that stuff that was just weighing me down. This has been an evolution of life for me. I ask you to help me organize an office desk and you have changed my life forever!

I want to tell anyone debating about hiring Adonna to organize their office or home to make that appointment! Adonna will not only make order out of chaos, but she will adapt the process to fit your natural way of thinking. You will not become like her, you will become an organized self. Adonna asked me questions to figure out how I think and designed a plan for me. Now, I can keep things in their place and easily find what I need. I love my clean desk, organized files and information at my fingertips. Adonna is a miracle worker!

Adonna Braly completely organized my office from top to bottom. She was very accommodating to me and my busy schedule. My desk has become the place that I can readily obtain information, work unencumbered, and every item necessary to conduct business is easily at hand. I can work with clients and contractors and expedite the necessary paperwork at a moment’s notice from my desk. To quote my staff, “Our office became larger every time Adonna organized our files, cabinets, bookcases, and closets”. Everything now has a purpose and place. Her services have been invaluable to me as a professional.

Adonna not only helped me organize my home and office, she helped me implement systems that I have been able to maintain. Her professionalism and enthusiasm turned what could have been an overwhelming and stressful task into an enjoyable experience. I experience the benefits every time I open a closet, pantry or drawer and everything is so easy to find.

Adonna is a unique individual with a special talent for organizing. Thank goodness a friend gave me her name. She is reorganizing my entire house, even the garage. My house is large with plenty of underutilized storage.

Unfortunately, in my 40’s and 50’s I ran out of energy and stopped organizing. I just sat down on the couch and started buying a duplicate item, when I couldn’t find the needed item. It was hidden behind those closet doors, but which closet and what shelf? Seriously, I considered moving and leaving the closets FULL. This seemed the best way to lose my clutter.

Then I met Adonna and she has shown me that I could be organized again. She has done this without judging me for the numerous repeat items we found in the closet. And yes, I was looking for a hint of judgment or a giggle, but it wasn’t there.

We have gone shopping twice for file cabinets, storage containers and furniture. She decided on the items quickly, rather than my method of pushing the cart around the store until the wheels are worn and must be rotated, because I can’t decide on what items to purchase for organizing.

Adonna is passionate about organizing. She truly enjoys improving the daily activities of her clients by increasing their productivity and reducing their stress. My advice is to call her and experience a passionate, professional organizer at work. You will not regret your decision and you will love your house afterward.

Adonna Braly and Clutter Roundup is dream come true to this pack rat. I have worked with Adonna for the last 7 years in maintaining order in my home and office. Every month we have a standing appointment and we tackle one area at a time. She understands that someone like me loves to “hold on” to items that are not useful to me and she makes the organizing process relatively painless. The results are amazing. I never realized how the clutter in my life held me back, mentally. When my home is jam packed so is my thinking and I am stressed because of the constant need to find things. My office is organized and categorized in a way that makes the best sense for me and my needs. My bedroom and bathrooms are neat as a pin and I know where everything is. Once you make the commitment to “clean up ” it is amazing how little effort it takes to keep my life organized and stress free. I highly recommend Adonna’s services to anyone who would like to find a clutter free way to live.

I’m so PROUD of how things are taking shape and I’m getting really anxious to finish the office and get started on the bedroom! I hauled out more bags of discards to the dumpster, and put some things in the storage shed, too. Slowly, I’m seeing less clutter in other parts of the house as well. Over the weekend, I actually had the energy to get the oil changed in my truck and also took it to the car wash. Now IT’S all shiny again and it smells like cinnamon. I’ve also been able to burn sandalwood incense in the house without it affecting my breathing. It enhances the chi of my home in such a pleasant way.

This experience of getting truly ORGANIZED is very uplifting. Thank you for your continued application of rounding up my clutter and giving me clear, peaceful spaces in my home to enjoy.

Adonna, I can truly say that your services have made me finally realize that clutter does ZAP so much of your peace and happiness from you. We had talked several times and I had seen the great work you had done but starting Avon is what made me finally call you – I KNEW I needed help! I have lived with disarray in my home office for so long, I was beginning to think it would be that way forever, and I was just accepting it; and the stress it was causing. I had read the books, attended the seminars and KNEW clutter was bad, but just let it keep piling back up because I couldn’t get on top of it. I had no systems that I followed more than a week or two. Your continued effort and encouragement has been so refreshing, even when I am overwhelmed with going thru a “stack”. You have allowed me to SMILE when I come into my office and smile even more when I walk around my desk and see the CARPET! Even when things are a mess I am “ok” because I know I can apply what you have taught me and have things “back in place” in less than a half hour. Your efforts are also being seen in my family members and other parts of my home. My family and our garage and closet thank you.

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