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I expected things to get organized and maybe… just maybe I could keep it that way, but the big “AH HA” moment was like a breath of fresh air, the sense of lightness and freedom from all that stuff that was just weighing me down. This has been an evolution of life for me. I ask you to help me organize an office desk and you have changed my life forever!

I want to tell anyone debating about hiring Adonna to organize their office or home to make that appointment! Adonna will not only make order out of chaos, but she will adapt the process to fit your natural way of thinking. You will not become like her, you will become an organized self. Adonna asked me questions to figure out how I think and designed a plan for me. Now, I can keep things in their place and easily find what I need. I love my clean desk, organized files and information at my fingertips. Adonna is a miracle worker!

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