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Adonna is a unique individual with a special talent for organizing. Thank goodness a friend gave me her name. She is reorganizing my entire house, even the garage. My house is large with plenty of underutilized storage.

Unfortunately, in my 40’s and 50’s I ran out of energy and stopped organizing. I just sat down on the couch and started buying a duplicate item, when I couldn’t find the needed item. It was hidden behind those closet doors, but which closet and what shelf? Seriously, I considered moving and leaving the closets FULL. This seemed the best way to lose my clutter.

Then I met Adonna and she has shown me that I could be organized again. She has done this without judging me for the numerous repeat items we found in the closet. And yes, I was looking for a hint of judgment or a giggle, but it wasn’t there.

We have gone shopping twice for file cabinets, storage containers and furniture. She decided on the items quickly, rather than my method of pushing the cart around the store until the wheels are worn and must be rotated, because I can’t decide on what items to purchase for organizing.

Adonna is passionate about organizing. She truly enjoys improving the daily activities of her clients by increasing their productivity and reducing their stress. My advice is to call her and experience a passionate, professional organizer at work. You will not regret your decision and you will love your house afterward.

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