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Adonna, I can truly say that your services have made me finally realize that clutter does ZAP so much of your peace and happiness from you. We had talked several times and I had seen the great work you had done but starting Avon is what made me finally call you – I KNEW I needed help! I have lived with disarray in my home office for so long, I was beginning to think it would be that way forever, and I was just accepting it; and the stress it was causing. I had read the books, attended the seminars and KNEW clutter was bad, but just let it keep piling back up because I couldn’t get on top of it. I had no systems that I followed more than a week or two. Your continued effort and encouragement has been so refreshing, even when I am overwhelmed with going thru a “stack”. You have allowed me to SMILE when I come into my office and smile even more when I walk around my desk and see the CARPET! Even when things are a mess I am “ok” because I know I can apply what you have taught me and have things “back in place” in less than a half hour. Your efforts are also being seen in my family members and other parts of my home. My family and our garage and closet thank you.

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