About Clutter Roundup

Adonna Adonna’s gift is organizing. She cleaned her room for fun as a girl, for goodness sake! (Yes, even her Barbies’ closets were organized!)

She spent the majority of her career in the administrative/secretarial field starting as a clerk in a bank basement to becoming executive/personal assistants to Presidents/CEO’s of several corporations. She brings those administrative skills to the organizing profession, as well as a passion for helping others achieve their goals in creating spaces that support their highest intentions in life. She started organizing professionally in 2000, and after many years of working part-time, she founded Clutter Roundup in 2007.

She is passionate about giving back and paying it forward in any way, large or small. Adonna stays educated and up-to-date on the latest developments in the organizing profession and is committed to helping her clients create a better quality of life and enjoy the sense of calm and peace that getting organized brings.

Adonna's Process

I like to develop personal relationships with my clients. The process of getting organized can be an emotional one as well as physical. Many new clients expect I will come in and tell them to just “get rid of it!” That is not my style. I cannot come in and tell you what is important to you….only you know that. What I can do is lead you through the process –ask the right questions to help you make the right decision for you, keep you focused and on task, and encourage you every little step along the way. As we develop our working relationship, I learn more about how you work, how you play, what you need easy access to, and what is important to you, all the while teaching you different tips, tricks, and strategies to help you implement and maintain organizing systems that fit your lifestyle.

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